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Counselling is a confidential process where two people meet at the same time and venue each week to discuss the client's 'world'. There are times in all of our lives when we need extra support or we feel things are overwhelming but alas we don't know where to turn or attempt to soldier on. I hope to offer a space to make sense of your experience. I believe counselling should be an empowering experience although make no mistake it can be a bumpy and difficult process.

People might consider counselling for many reasons:

Relationship difficulties or break ups
Low confidence or self esteem
Feelings of anger
Health issues or a clinical diagnosis
Body issues

Or the issues might be much broader, for example, continually making bad decisions or feeling like you're drifting through life with no focus. It might be that you just feel dissatisfied. Whatever the reason a lot of people often feel reluctant to ask for help. I think it takes courage to access counselling and in my experience many people are surprised at how rewarding and beneficial it can be.

The first meeting is important and I appreciate you might be nervous. But at the end of the day I'm only human and I have your interests at heart!  Your fear might be an apprehension about opening up and putting yourself under the microscope.  At this meeting we can discuss the contract for ongoing work and any concerns you have.

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