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There are many different styles of counselling and theoretical frameworks. I am not in the business of analysing or pathologising people. I work humanistically integrating different theories (Existential,T.A., Gestalt) and ways of working (Rogerian) but ultimately I believe that you are the expert on yourself (you just may not know it yet). 
I think the tone of the sessions should be conversational where we make sense of your existence together. I will make interpretations and will challenge you with compassion.

Steve Lockyer

Firstly we assess your issue. We might look deeper into the causative and maintaining factors but ultimately we explore strategies that help you manage the situation better. Therapy might involve some behavioural work and I might suggest various exercises to do outside of the sessions.

Steve Lockyer

Within therapy I am preoccupied with your worlds: psychological; emotional; physical; spiritual.  The bodies we have, the minds we have developed, the hearts with which we feel, the experiences that we have, all determine how we make sense of and understand our realities.
I am intrigued by how much or how little responsibility people feel or think they have in the choices that they make both every day and in life in general.

Ultimately I hope to support people to live authentically and to their best potential.


Steve Lockyer


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