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There's a great myth that everyone has a good sex life. Some people have lifelong difficulties and little confidence when it comes to sex, others may develop an issue or condition suddenly.

I have a lot of experience working with all sexual difficulties with men and women. An assessment is crucial to determine whether there is a physical cause to a difficulty but more often than not there is a psychological and sometimes emotional root.

Steve Lockyer

Steve Lockyer

Erection problems
Rapid ejaculation
An inability to ejaculate with a partner
Low libido

Steve Lockyer

Vaginismus (an involuntary clamping preventing penetration)
Vulvodynia & Dyspareunia (vaginal pain)
Anorgasmia (an inability to orgasm)
Low libido

Or you might have concerns around 'addictive' behaviour or paraphilias. It might be that you just have low confidence when it comes to sex.

I see people individually or in couples although for issues of low libido if you are in a couple it makes sense to see you both together.


Steve Lockyer


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